Winter Lingers On

Nearly a month ago, I optimistically invited friends to my home to help me welcome Spring. I’d had enough of Winter and was eager for some warmer weather. Because my friends are smartasses, I was careful to set some boundaries:

This is not a St. Patrick’s Day party. Do not show up dressed as a fucking shamrock or leprechaun; you’ve been warned.

All in jest I mentioned in our Slack that were someone to come dressed in a green tuxedo with dark green shamrocks, I would have to relax my prohibition on shamrocks. Because of course, there’s no bloody way anyone’s going to find a green tuxedo with dark green shamrocks.


Tom in green tuxedo with green shamrocks


It’s best if I don’t know where Tom bought this horror, because I’d be forced to take steps to eradicate the perpetrators of such attrocities.

I’d like to thank everyone who came. I like to think we did our best. If Winter is still lingering, it’s not our fault.