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Any suggestions on how to host a password protected podcast on Amazon S3?

Winter Lingers On

Nearly a month ago, I optimistically invited friends to my home to help me welcome Spring. I’d had enough of Winter and was eager for some warmer weather. Because my friends are smartasses, I was careful to set some boundaries:

This is not a St. Patrick’s Day party. Do not show up dressed as a fucking shamrock or leprechaun; you’ve been warned.

All in jest I mentioned in our Slack that were someone to come dressed in a green tuxedo with dark green shamrocks, I would have to relax my prohibition on shamrocks. Because of course, there’s no bloody way anyone’s going to find a green tuxedo with dark green shamrocks.


Tom in green tuxedo with green shamrocks


It’s best if I don’t know where Tom bought this horror, because I’d be forced to take steps to eradicate the perpetrators of such attrocities.

I’d like to thank everyone who came. I like to think we did our best. If Winter is still lingering, it’s not our fault.


Living a quiet life with his daughter and four cats on beautiful Bainbridge Island, Jeff Watkins divides his time between creating fiendishly clever bugs in iOS software, teaching public speaking workshops, and occasionally speaking at conferences.