A Thousand Kisses

Long ago, Molly made an unwise bargain. Her mom had bought her a Furby which Molly wanted to bring over to my house for the weekend. I loathe Furbies and think they should all be destroyed (preferably with cleansing fire), but I was willing to accommodate My Favourite Person: I would allow her to bring her demonic possessed robot into my house on the condition that for the next 1,000 days I would get 1,000 kisses.

Since that fateful bargain, when it’s time for me to wake Molly up in the morning, it’s always with a cheerful, “Time for a thousand kisses” followed by kissing her sleeping forehead. Somehow, even while sleeping, Molly has developed defences against Dad Kisses™. She gradually covers more of her head with her arms and then slinks down under the covers.

She’s tried to renege on the deal by telling me a thousand days has already passed, but she has no idea when she actually made the deal. She’s also tried to tell me the deal only entitled me to a total of 1,000 kisses, not 1,000 kisses every day. I believe the deal only expires once I’ve had 1,000 kisses for 1,000 days. Until then, it’s still valid. As I haven’t had a single day with 1,000 kisses…

Pretty soon she’ll be fully into the monstrous teenage years. Then I’ll be lucky to ever get a hug or a kiss out of my daughter. So I’ll take what I can get now.