Greetings from Uber

I’m not sure why email from recruiters annoys me so much. Maybe its the fact I’m as white as a white guy can get. I’m really the last person the recruiter should be contacting.

Recently I received the following from Uber:

Hi Jeff!

My name is [REDACTED] and I work directly with the Expansion engineering team here at Uber’s HQ. I came across your background and wanted to personally touch base with you about an opportunity here in Uber Engineering- we’re always looking for great engineers.

Now while I’m not assuming you’re open to making a move from [REDACTED], I figured it wouldn’t hurt to send a quick note. Our team is working on some awesome challenges and I think your background in iOS development is just the kind of experience we’re looking for. Here are some interesting things we’re working on, just to name a few:

  • Make every business trip an Uber trip (Uber for Business Team)
  • Open our API to ALL developers, giving them the ability to build and be creative (Uber API Team)
  • Create new partnerships with other engineering teams, look at our partnership with Facebook (BD API Team)
  • Use the radio…to Uber’s advantage, here is one example- Spotify your Uber (Uber for Music Team)

If you’re interested in learning more about our team or hearing about other challenges we’re tackling- I’d love to have a short introductory chat.

Are you available sometime this week or next week for a brief 5-10 minute conversation?

Cheers! [REDACTED]

The recruiter got a slight variation of my usual response:

Uber diversity

[REDACTED], thanks so much for your interest, however, I wasn’t able to find a link to your diversity report on your web site. As you probably guessed from having done your homework on me, I’m just another white man. Unless you’re doing much better than average in the technology industry, you shouldn’t even be talking to me.

Frankly, I can’t help but feel Uber isn’t taking the issue of sexual assault by it’s drivers seriously enough. So perhaps you’re tackling the wrong problems?

Thanks again for your interest, but Uber definitely isn’t right for me.


I left out the issue of whether Uber drivers should be classified as employees or not, because I’m definitely not qualified to express an opinion on that. I know the State of California believes so. I believe they should ethically be treated as employees. But, that’s really not something I know enough about.

If you’re a recruiter and you want me to speak with you, the introductory email should lead with your diversity numbers and they must be impressive. But really, wouldn’t you be better off with someone else?