Visit to Feline Rescue

This morning we visited the Merrimack River Feline Rescue Society to introduce Molly to all the wonderful cats available for adoption. I took along my camera and flash to capture photos of the residents.

The star of the show had to be George. Although he’s not willing to let anyone pet him, he’s incredibly friendly. Yes, I know that sounds odd, but it’s true. Here’s George looking down from his favourite perch:

Dominion of George

This young lady was very friendly. She came right over and demanded that I pet her. “Ignore that grey kitty cat and pet me!” she seemed to say. Of course, I had to oblige – I know better than to refuse the demands of a woman. She was kind enough to pose for me after I’d paid my dues.


The sun was shining and several cats were enjoying the warmth from positions by the windows.

LazySitting in the Sun

Finally, on my way out, George was kind enough to allow me to photograph him again.

George's Closeup