Camping an Inexpensive Way to See the World

Well, it is the way some people do it. Obviously, I haven’t got the knack for camping cheaply: Anna helped me rack up a $420 total bill at REI yesterday picking up gear for our upcoming trip to Vermont.

Nothing we purchased was really expensive. No $300 tents. No $150 soft-shell jackets. But somehow it all added up to a staggering sum.

We bought one of those ultra-cool Jetboil personal stoves. Of course, we couldn’t forget a fuel canister. And a stabiliser and pot-adapter. Now we can try out some of the really cool (and some really weird) recipes on the Jetboil Web site. When the food is done, we can serve it on our Lexan plates, or in our Lexan bowls, and drink something from our Lexan cups. Woo hoo! for Lexan: it’s light weight and blue.

Also adding to the shocking bottom line were several shirts, a couple pairs of pants, and some miscellaneous stuff. Nothing outrageous mind you, just not free.

Of course, this now gives me a really good excuse to go camping this summer and autumn – got to make use of all the stuff we bought!