Cycling Again

After adjusting the front derailleur on Anna’s bike, I was able to get down to the lower 7 gears; although as I found out on my ride today, the adjustment wasn’t perfect: the derailleur won’t kick down until I’m on the lowest geared cog. So I must shift all the way down to 2-1 before I can shift down to 1-1 and back up to whatever 1-x gear I want.

Fortunately, there were only two places where I had to resort to the lowest gears. Ominously enough, one of the hills is right along an old cemetary on Mill Rd. So, just as I’m panting and really wanting to die: voila!

I might have to start carrying my camera when I go riding. Today I spotted a robin, two more blue-jays and a cardinal. I haven’t seen a cardinal in ages. Of course, there were the usual insolent squirrels laughing into their tails as I puffed past.

I need to adjust the front derailleur again and also see if I can’t shift the seat back a bit before I go for my next ride.