Poor Contact Skills

I’m certain others have this problem; but I’m really bad at keeping in touch with my friends. I mean really bad.

When I moved from Atlanta to Seattle, almost no one knew. Many people I saw regularly were shocked to hear that I’d moved. I made like a desert tribesman and folded my tent in the night and disappeared.

Several years later, I visited Atlanta on business. While there I had dinner in a pub I once frequented. No, I mean frequented as in I’d leave the office around 2pm with my laptop and spend the next few hours working at a picnic table on the patio of the Prince of Wales (which is sadly non-existent on the web). Believe it or not, at least three people came up to me while I was consuming not-so-vast quantities of beer and asked where I’d gone. It boggled my mind that 1) they were still there and 2) they even remembered me. I thought we had all been completely drunk…

Anyway, I’m delighted that some of my friends are better at keeping in touch than I am; and saddened when I discover that some are even worse.