Job Hunting Again

It’s that time again. After nearly a full year with my current employer, I’ve decided the company just isn’t for me. The goals I set when I started simply haven’t been met; and I don’t have confidence that they will be met should I stick around any longer.

So once again, I’m looking for a job.

Anna and I will be moving out of the Jersey City area when our lease expires at the end of March. Therefore, we’re actually fairly flexible about the location component of any job I pursue. But for family reasons, I think we’d like to stay on the east coast; and I think we’d probably prefer the North East. But, as I said, I’m actually fairly flexible.

With over a decade of senior development experience including more than five years of leadership and management experience, I’d like to focus on software product development. It’s where my strengths lie; and in the past, it’s where I’ve had the most fun. I’m confident my technical skills are up to the challenge of an Architect position; and my project management and people management skills are more than a match for a Development Manager position.

Here’s the snag: New York City doesn’t have many independent software development companies. Most development teams are embedded in financial services companies or the consulting companies that serve them. I don’t really have any interest in getting into the financial services world, which is fortunate, because you can’t get in if you haven’t any financial services experience.

I’m actually relieved by this. I don’t like New York City much. I know I haven’t really given it a fair shot at impressing me; but that’s life. I’d like to leave.

I’ll share my thoughts on an ideal location later…