Molly is this week’s Super Star at school. One of her parents had to write a letter telling the class why she was a Super Star. This is my letter.

Molly is my favourite person: every moment I spend with her is better than moments I spend by myself. We walk to school together in the mornings. Some times she walks on the rock wall and I hold her hand to help her balance. Other times I walk behind her and try to tickle her. If it’s been raining, we sometimes dare each other to eat the worms and slugs we see on the sidewalk. No luck so far, but we’ll keep trying.

No matter how lost we get on our adventures, Molly always has a cheerful attitude. She dutifully kept track of every wrong turn while we drove around the English countryside. Still, we made it out alive and weren’t eaten by any horses. She also has a wonderful way of making friends in spite of imposing language barriers. Maybe it’s just how kids are, but after meeting her cousins from Berlin in the morning, she was organising a musical dance review that evening.

We don’t always get along; Molly and I are too much alike for that. We both have a fearsome temper and are just a wee bit stubborn. Sometimes we spend an afternoon being angry at each other only to realise we’re not exactly certain why, but GOODNESS we’re angry. Fortunately, Molly has helped me get better at saying I’m sorry, however, I’ve HAD to say I’m sorry so much more than I ever thought I’d have to.