Back Online

At long last, I’ve got my Web site back online. I don’t exactly recall when TextDrive shutdown unceremoniously, but I couldn’t really be bothered to find a new host. For a static site, there just seemed so much effort involved in setting up a Web site.

Probably the biggest stumbling block has been my atrophied CSS skills. I need to look up nearly everything now. Especially all the cool new flexbox stuff. But eventually, I could no longer stand not having an outlet for the occasional rant. The new site is super minimal with a focus on writing. Let’s see if I actually write.

This site is completely hosted on home grown Seattle technologies: everything is running on Amazon Web Services. The HTML, CSS, and images are hosted on Amazon S3 and served from Cloudfront. I even switched my DNS to use Amazon’s Route 53 service so I could use the APEX address for the site.

My next task is to move everything over to SSL only. I’m told that’s not too difficult.