Welcome Felicia and Edison

We’re pleased to welcome Felicia and Edison to the Watkins family. Molly and I adopted them last Sunday and they’ve been slowly settling into a routine here at the Watkins Compound.

It’s delightful having kittens around the house again. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching them to hunt toes under the comforter–much to Anna’s delight.

Both Felicia and Edison are your basic black cats, but Edison has a tiny tuft of white on his chest, which makes him look quite distinguished. Especially when he’s flopping off the bed. Felicia is quite a bit smaller than her brother. We’re plumping her up with regular feedings of kitten food with the occasional treat of a can of fish.

Molly is thrilled with the kittens. Although they’re still a bit timid, they’ll play almost as long as Molly will. Their favourite routine is when Molly sticks a string down the back of her pants and parades around the house trailing kittens.