The Joy Children Bring Us

This morning as Anna was getting ready for a family outing to the movies, she discovered that her rings were missing. She has 3 rings:

  1. The silver ring I gave her when she accepted me back into her life.
  2. The diamond engagement ring I gave her when she agreed to marry me.
  3. The wedding band I gave her when she said “I do”.

Each of these has emotional significance beyond simple monetary value. And each of these is irreplaceable.

Molly admitted to playing with the rings this morning while I was making breakfast. So far, we’ve recovered the silver ring and the wedding band.

Now, remember, each of these is irreplaceable. But frankly, the diamond engagement ring is rather more irreplaceable than the other two. With the exception of our cars, it’s the single most expensive item we own.

There’s probably a lesson to be learnt here.

Update: After spending most of the day tearing apart the house, we finally found the engagement ring. I’ve no idea how it wound up under Anna’s night table.