Christening the New Mini

This afternoon we picked up Vivian: Anna’s new Mini. After nearly three hours we were able to drive away in the fiery red sports car. And drive we did. We took Hwy 9 through the Santa Cruz mountains over to Santa Cruz where we had slurpies from Jamba Juice and walked around town.

I got to drive on the way home. Whether it was something she ate or the twisty turns of Hwy 9 we’ll never know, but Molly got pretty sick and vomited all over herself, the car seat and Vivian. Fortunately, Anna had thought ahead and brought a change of clothes. So we got poor Molly cleaned up, changed, and did our best to clean up the car seat. At last we were ready to embark again.

Except a few minutes later, Molly honked again. This time, we were close enough to Saratoga that there really wasn’t anywhere to pull off the road. Plus we had nothing we could change her into. Fortunately, she passed out shortly thereafter – it was already 8:30 pm.

When we got home, and after she had a bath, Molly was much happier and seemed fine. Vivian’s smelling much better now that I’ve cleaner her up a bit. Now all we need to do is wash all the clothing and the cover of the car seat.

I’d say that Vivian has received her introduction to the Watkins family…