I'll Never Get That Time Back

Last night we watched Eragon. I wasn’t expecting much from a story written by a teenager, but the movie started with backstory narration (never a good sign) and moved quickly on to wooden acting from John Malkovich and the rest of the cast.

The story was crammed full of every cliché in the fantasy genre. Not one was left out. Despotic evil overlord: check. Wicked, nearly immortal sorcerer: check. Disgraced warrior becomes town drunk/trouble-maker, but has a heart of gold: check. Unknown youth becomes the salvation of the world: check.

The only redeeming point in the whole movie was the depiction of the dragon. Unlike most fantasy movies, the dragon wasn’t particularly reptilian. She was distinctly bird-like. While I don’t have opinions one way or the other on dragons, this was a unique touch.

I have no idea how this movie rated almost 5 stars on IMDB.