My Baby Is Rocket Powered

I'm Cold

This evening in a fit of who-knows-I’ve-tried-everything-else, I swaddled Molly using a blanket which is really a bit too small for her. But eventually (and I do mean eventually) she fell asleep – probably from lack of oxygen due to the really tight swaddling. After rocking her for another 5 minutes – hey, what’s five minutes after spending 45 with earplugs jammed in my ears while rocking her and trying to soothe her – I decided she’d really fallen asleep.

This was around 7 PM.

Just now, Anna went into Molly’s room to discover she had somehow wriggled out of the blanket – without disturbing the wrap – and was fussing around eager to be fed. So while Anna got ready to feed our little bundle of lungs, I took the opportunity to change her.

That’s when Molly let out the most sonorous fart I’ve ever heard.

I propose that Molly didn’t really wriggle her way out of the swaddle; instead, she propelled herself out with a few explosive bursts.