Unexpected Holiday

I don’t think it’s any secret that this holiday season hasn’t been what we expected – starting off with the blizzard when we took Molly home from the hospital. We never expected she would suffer from something like Acid Reflux (or whatever it really is that causes her to wake up screaming) and I never expected I’d be feeding my daughter Maalox from an eye-dropper.

Anna & Molly

I certainly never expected to feel like a failed parent so soon. Nothing makes you feel more helpless than to hold your child while she screams bloody murder for fifteen minutes – all because you have no idea what might be wrong with her. Like many other men, I have this compulsion to fix things, but there’s no fixing Molly. We don’t even know what’s broken.

However, as many have already said, we have a beautiful daughter who we love very much. And if Anna’s own infancy is any guide, Molly will grow out of her problems.

Let’s hope next year brings just as much Joy but without nearly as much frustration and worry…