Great Suckling Muppets

We went to the introduction to breast feeding class yesterday evening. Really. Stop laughing. I went.

To break the ice a little bit, the nurse teaching the class asked us all to introduce ourselves and explain why we were there and what we were hoping to get out of the class. After a few couples, it was our turn. I explained that I’d originally come for the home surgery class, but this one looked cool, so I thought I’d stay. What did she really think we were there for? Come on. It’s 7 PM on a Monday night. Did she think people just wandered in to get out of the cold?

I had a difficult time with the class, because the nurse teaching the class used a muppet as a demonstration tool. Now I fancy this poor muppet couldn’t make the cut on Sesame Street, had a short stint as a puppet-porn actor, and finally washed up here on the North Shore working as a prop in a breast feeding class.

We also watched a brief video demonstrating how a new born baby will actually seek out its mother’s breast to feed if simply left lying on her chest. I wasn’t surprised about the boys: what self-respecting boy wouldn’t try to get some nipple action if he were just hanging out there? However, that girls also have this instinct is a little interesting…

As a result of this class, we’ll now be prepared if The Bean turns out to be a muppet. We’ll know exactly what to expect and how to encourage her to “latch on” like a good little muppet.