No Phone Home

Anna wants me to get a cell phone so that she can keep track of my movements contact me in an emergency. Like a good husband, I agree to this request, but I stipulate that I want a phone that will sync with my Mac.

Apple lists quite a few phones on their iSync compatibility page, however, I’m having trouble actually finding one to buy.

I don’t really have strong feelings about which provider I choose – any one of Cingular, Sprint, T-Mobile, or Verizon will probably be just fine. But none of their Web sites have a filter category for iSync compatible phones. For example, on the Cingular Web site, I can filter on Bluetooth support – and my understanding is Bluetooth support is pretty much required for iSync support.

I also don’t really want a flip phone. I just don’t like `em. That leaves only one phone from Cingular: the Audiovox SMT 5600, which runs Windows for Cellphones. Even if it were compatible with iSync, I’m not running Windows on my phone. For gods sake, I want to be able to make a call not fume at a blue screen of death.

Verizon offers several non-flip phones with bluetooth: Kyocera and Motorola walky-talky phones and a Nokia 2128i. None of which is compatible with iSync.

Sprint basically doesn’t offer any non-flip phones and won’t let me filter by bluetooth support anyway. T-Mobile offers 2 phones with bluetooth (and three BlackBerries).

I give up. It’s really impressive that Apple boasts so many iSync compatible phones. I just can’t seem to buy one.