Enough Snow Already!

Good gods! What’s with all the bloody snow? Last night we received yet more snow: nasty, foul, and evil stuff falling maliciously from out of an otherwise innocent sky to ruin my life.

Yes, I know we deliberately moved to the North Shore of Massachusetts – an act which nearly ensured our complete inundation with fluffy white crap from out of the sky. We could have moved to Key West where it’s always warm and all you have to worry about is the occasional pesky hurricane. Or slightly farther afield is Belize – an English-speaking country down in Central America.

Granted, there’s hardly any work for someone like me in places like this. But then again, who really wants to work when you’re living in a tropical paradise? Especially in Belize where the cost of living is much lower. Maybe I should just let Anna get a job and support me. I could lay about on the beach every day, drink tropical fruit juice with other stuff in it (and oh! what other stuff!)…

But the reality is that I’ve got about 5 inches of filthy, evil, wet muck to shovel away from my car so I can spin the tires uselessly before giving up and taking the wife-mobile to work.