Anna's Not Alone

Lest you think Anna is the only Watkins who’s climbed back onto the Chuck Wagon, I’ve also resumed my weight watching. I’ve also started working out at the gym in my office building.

Summer is coming, and I haven’t forgotten my stated goal of weighing 160 lbs on the first day of summer. In addition to simply losing weight, I need to get into better shape to participate in some more athletic outdoor activities including rock-climbing and kayaking.

So, I’ve been rowing and cycling at the gym. Both activities can be tough on the knees, but I’m being careful not to hyper-extend either of my knees. Certainly the last thing I need to do is screw up my good knee or re-injure my bad knee.

Unfortunately, since going to Cancun, I’d put on about 8 lbs. I’ve managed to shed one of them, but there’s still 24 lbs to lose before I’ll hit my goal.