Time to Go

Today I drive up to Andover, MA. Tomorrow I start my new job as Sales Engineer for Sentillion.

I’m just a little apprehensive. I’ve done the whole move thing countless times before. And I’ve started quite a few new jobs in my day. However, I’ve never done it quite like this: I’ll be living out of a hotel for the first month of work. Granted, I’ll be able to come home on the weekends. And we’ll be joining he Watkins Clan in Cancun for the Family Reunion the first week of November. But it all seems a little overwhelming.

On the positive side, the research I’ve done about some of the surrounding towns lead me to believe we’ll be pretty happy there. One of the apartment complexes that we like (at least from their Web site) is Museum Square. Within one mile of the complex, there are 16 pizza joints, 2 public libraries, a bookstore, and a half-dozen brew-pubs. It’s also within walking distance of the Massachusetts commuter rail station, from which we can catch a train to Boston. On the other hand, I’ll need to walk two or three blocks to get to a park to walk Augustus–I’m not fool enough to think he’ll give up his daily walks.

As soon as I get a new mobile phone, you can count on an email with the phone number. But until then, I’ll be largely incommunicado: my service plan doesn’t cover Massachusetts, and I’m unwilling to pay the horrendous roaming charges. Email, however, will still work fine.