Augustus Versus the Squirrelly Minions of Satan

Augustus has come a long way since we first moved to Rhinebeck. He started out wearing a harness and leash when we went for our daily walks, but now he gets to roam totally unencumbered. That means he also gets to pursue his personal war against the squirrelly minions of Satan infesting the green where we walk.

Augustus definitely has pure speed on his side. The squirrels simply can’t out run him no matter how they try. But the squirrels have two advantages: they are considerably more manoeuvrable and they can climb trees. Many times Augustus has been gaining on the squirrel only to find he’s now going in the wrong direction. Or worse, the squirrel leapt to safety and is chittering taunts from a branch high above.

One thing that has truly impressed me is Augustus’ growing understanding of the squirrels’ evil methods. He now knows to watch the branches overhead to see where a squirrel is going. He’ll follow slowly on the ground and is often waiting when the squirrel he just chased up a tree comes down on the other side of the green. Of course, it’s not a great challenge to out think a critter with a brain the size of a small nut. I’m just surprised Augustus has picked this up so quickly.