A New Job

Now that it’s official – I have the offer letter in my hot little hands – I feel comfortable spilling the beans.

As many of you know, I left IBG at the end of February. It was no secret that Anna and I despised living in Jersey City. And although I knew I’d miss many of my co-workers, IBG simply wasn’t the right place for me.

My goals were to move to a smallish town and get a job near where I lived. We succeeded admirably in the first goal by moving to Rhinebeck, NY: a quaint little village near the Hudson river in northern Duchess County. Because we’re only 1/2 mile from the center of the village, we can walk to all the shops and a couple parks. When I go cycling, I get to wave at cows and horses.

It took a little longer than desirable to fulfil the second goal. But last Friday, as we were driving to the Albany airport to catch a plane to Florida to celebrate my sister’s engagement, I received the call for which I’d been waiting.

Starting Tuesday, 6 July, 2004, I will be Director, Business Development for Harte-Hanks Interactive located just across the Hudson from Rhinebeck. I’m really excited about this position because it marks the first time I’ve had a purely non-technical role. Although I’ll draw extensively on my technical background to know on which projects we should bid and what sort of solution we should propose, my primary responsibility will be expanding the reach of Harte-Hanks Interactive beyond their primary market: the pharmaceutical industry.

Now Anna and I can start living the life I’d envisioned back when we got together; instead of the impoverished pay check to pay check lifestyle we’ve been enduring lately.