Photographs from our Honeymoon

Slowly, I’m getting around to editing the photographs we took while on our Honeymoon in the Cotswolds. Of the 250 photographs we made during our 2 week exploration of the English countryside (and our afternoon in London), I only really expect to post between 20 and 30 photographs.

I’m not certain these photographs do the Cotswolds justice. It’s so hard to capture the feeling of a place when you only have a few moments to do it. But after spending two weeks exploring the towns within a 10 mile radius of Broadway, Worcestershire, we’ve both fallen completely in love.

As we sat outside a local Pub (the Crown and Trumpet) on our last night in Broadway, watching the setting sun and basking in the warm glow of the Cotswold stone, Anna summed up our experiences of the last two weeks with: “I don’t want to go home.”

Certainly, I was ready to see the kids again (especially Anna’s favourite: Augustus). But I wasn’t done exploring the Cotswolds. We barely scratched the surface of a half dozen villages in a small section of the North Cotswolds. How could I possibly be done?