Advantages of Location

Last Friday I was reminded why we chose to live in Rhinebeck, NY, rather than continue living close to Manhattan. After ducking out of work an hour early, I walked into the Village and visited Crystal Lake. Along the western shore of the lake is a small waterfall which feeds a stream with a number of cascades. I sat down on the rocks beside the stream, took off my socks and shoes, and because it was a sweltering afternoon, put my feet in the cold running water.

Anna joined me there after she got home from work. We sat for a bit: talking about our days and plans for the weekend. Finally, we got up and walked into the Village to get a couple drinks (she’s partial to an Espresso Soda from Manhattan Special) before walking home again.

Certainly there are beautiful parks in Manhattan. And very likely there are streams in those parks where I might have wiggled a toe or two. But I doubt we could have been alone there. I doubt I would have heard the birds chirping in the trees or the snake as it slithered through the grass.