Bald Eagle

Yesterday, as we drove up to Kingston, NY to celebrate a belated St. Patrick’s Day with Dad & Karin, we were strafed by a bald eagle. Now, I had no idea that there were any bald eagles in the Hudson Valley area; but after doing only a minimal amount of research I find that they have been making a come-back since about 1997.

It seems that the Hudson River area has become a popular winter spot for them: they can feed on fish in the river (all those chemicals must be an acquired taste) or on animals killed by trains (yes, eagles are often scavengers). And because activity along the river drops dramatically during the harsh NY winters (can you say frozen river?) the eagles are relatively undisturbed.

This is so cool.

Of course, my camera was in the trunk and I was in the middle of traffic; so I wasn’t able to make a photograph of our assailant.