Budgets of Mass Destruction

In Thomas Friedman’s latest editorial for the NY Times, he cites Bush’s “Budgets of Mass Destruction” (BMDs) as the real campaign issue on which Democrats should focus.

The Bush team’s real vulnerability is its B.M.D. – Budgets of Mass Destruction, which have recklessly imperiled the nation’s future, with crazy tax-cutting and out-of-control spending. The latest report from the Congressional Budget Office says the deficit is expected to total some $2.4 trillion over the next decade – almost ​$1 trillion more than the prediction of just five months ago. That is a failure of intelligence and common sense that threatens to make us all insecure – and people also feel that in their guts.

Sadly, I do agree with Friedman that Bush is unlikely to face any repercussions from the WMD issue. That seems abundantly clear now that Bush is calling for an investigation into the intelligence failure. Does anyone really expect the investigation to be fair and independent? Will the investigators be given access to the Administration’s internal documents? Was the 9/11 probe?

No, I think Bush will succeed in evading responsibility for engaging the United States in an illegal and unjustified war. But I’m certain there’s still plenty of material to get him kicked out of office. When you get right down to it, what people most care about is themselves and their family. Bush has clearly imperilled the security of the country and its citizens with his obscene budgets and tax deferments.