How It Started

Anna would like to claim everything is my fault; but now, I have the proof that she started it. Of course, if she had only been willing to move to Seattle, we probably would have been married years ago.

From: Anna Piskoz
To: Jeff Watkins
Date: December 13, 2001 5:24:18 PM EST
Subject: Holiday Cheer


Alright, I’ve been silly for long enough.

I truly hope you are doing well, and perhaps we might be able to communicate further at some point. This has been quite a year for me, in more ways than I can squeeze into a little e-mail, but to summarize in brief:

I have moved back to New York (drove cross-country with my sister- ugh), where I am finally getting my life in some sort of order. I have been fortunate enough to work for a time as a screenwriter’s assistant (to a man who wrote for “The Simpsons”), but for the most part, I have been working in that damn video store again, and plotting my escape from Kingston. I have also worked as a software/website tester, and am currently employed part-time as a ground assistant for a tree removal service.

I am enjoying some quiet time with my two kids (read: cats) named Magic and Tim- I’ll have to send you a picture.

Please let me know what you’ve been up to Scruffy, and although I know you don’t celebrate it, have a Merry Christmas. And an even Happier New Year.