A Crumpet for Breakfast

Anna and Molly returned last night from their overnight trip to Seattle. They went up to attend the preschool graduation ceremony for the school Molly attended until we moved down to California. In addition to visiting with Molly’s old chums from preschool, they also stopped at my favourite place to have breakfast: The Crumpet Shop.

Molly Enjoys Her Crumpet before School
Molly enjoys her crumpet before school.

When we lived in Seattle, Molly and I would go to The Crumpet Shop every morning for breakfast. Molly would usually have a crumpet cut in quarters with a side of jam to dip in (shown in the photo above) and often she’d have a hot cocoa. In addition to a crumpet with jam, I’d have cup after cup of delicious tea. We’d often read a comic book together before heading down to the Pike Market Preschool.

I think of all the things we left behind in Seattle, I miss The Crumpet Shop the most. It was my spot. Whenever I played hooky from work, I would invariably wind up there. Sometimes I’d read; sometimes I’d work on my `puter; and sometimes I’d just chat with Nancy, Rob, Sarah or one of the friendly customers. I even had my own spot in the shop: at the far end of the counter near the back door. It was perfect, I was out of the way, but close enough to the center of things to chat with whomever was behind the counter when things slowed down.

This morning, I enjoyed one of the crumpets Anna and Molly brought back from their trip. It was a tiny reminder of home and everything I miss. California’s nice, but someday we’ll move back to Seattle. We’ll move back home.