Betty 2.0

When I first moved to Newburyport, back in December of 2004, I had nothing: the apartment contained my Thermarest mattress, my REI sleeping bag, some clothes, a towel, and my laptops (personal and company). It was a little sparse.

The first weekend back in Rhinebeck, Anna gave me my Christmas present early, because she knew it would make me more comfortable in our new apartment. She’d purchased a Brown Betty – a six cup tea pot – with a cute Ginger Cat Cozy to keep it warm. In the next couple weeks while I waited for Anna to join me, Betty was my sole company at home. I’d thank her for making a good pot of tea and I’d ask her how her day was when I got home. Really, I wasn’t going crazy; just keeping myself occupied.

Well, a few weeks ago, while struggling with Molly and Betty at the same time, I dropped Betty’s lid, which immediately broke into five pieces. Since then, I’ve been making do by covering Betty’s wound with a metal lid from one of our smaller teapots. But Betty can rest easy now: this weekend we bought Betty 2.0.

The new pot is a brilliant cobalt blue (does that make her a Blue Betty now?) and stands a bit taller but somehow makes Betty look a bit more squat (perhaps the pot is also a bit wider?). But most importantly, it has a great filter basket built in. Betty 1.0 was missing a filter basket, which really wasn’t a problem until we started drinking so much loose tea from our buddies Bil & Meg over at Licorice & Sloe Co.

So Betty is reborn better than ever.